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Garden Diary – March 15, 2012


Yeah, so I discovered this morning that I’d left the fan on my plants overnight, which had done a pretty spectacular job of drying them out. Fortunately, after a good watering, they sprang right back. I must be more careful to only leave the fan on for an hour here and there. Perhaps I should invest in another timer.

(Why a fan, you might ask? Plants that grow in unmoving air don’t tend to be nearly as sturdy as ones that have to deal with a little push from the wind every now and again. it also helps circulate the warm air, which pools at the top of my vertical “greenhouse”.)


The bigger task, yesterday, was getting started another batch of seeds in the “grow-op”, including all the following:

March 14, 2012
CabbageSuper Red 80
Eggplant(Unknown variety)*
LeeksMammoth Pot*
PeppersOrange Sun
TomatillosToma Verde
TomatillosAunt Molly’s Ground Cherry
TomatoesJumbo Jim Orange*
TomatoesTN Britches*
ChineseGai Lan*
ChinesePac Choi

All the unmarked items are from West Coast Seeds; the ones marked with stars are seeds that came to me from the fantastic Beth Breisnes in hand-folded seed packets made from newspaper. (Click here to learn how to make them yourself!) She received the seeds at a seed swap but unfortunately lost her photos of the original packets.


Today and tomorrow are busy days, so won’t have time to do anything but tend to the seeds I’ve started in the greenhouse. Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to finish mixing the sand into my garden beds and then get to planting my peas and a couple other early outdoor crops.

Have you started any part of your garden yet? What are your plans this year?