Well, hello there!

My name is Chris and I’m glad you’re reading this, even if it isn’t quite ready yet. To be honest, it’s awfully difficult to put together a concise summary of who I am, because I’m still trying to figure that out.

If you’re the sort of person who defines others by their occupation, here’s a short list of some of the things I’ve been paid to do: flip burgers, research the neuroscience of colour vision, dress up as a mascot, teach leadership, organization and presentation skills, concoct lattes, coordinate cheerleaders, write and give awesome walking tours, lay down the law in a university dorm, help people with social media, instruct science to kids, design propaganda, serve as a fishmonger’s apprentice, build fancy websites, blacksmith, run summer camps, train people how to use digital x-ray machines, chaperone drug tests, grow a museum to five times its original size (without steroids).

If, instead, you define people by their education, you should know that I was a “C” Student in high school who took eight years to get my B.A. in Philosophy, with a minor in history. Of course, I took a few detours along the way–my favourite was an eight-week program where we rafted down the mighty Fraser River from Prince George to Vancouver learning local history, geography, geology, ecology and anthropology.  During my education, I came close to taking at least one class in every department. To my credit, I did finally graduate, earning myself an award for having the highest GPA in my department. (I’m not bragging; my GPA was 3.4 and it was a tiny department.) I then went on to do some very cool graduate work in the intersection of philosophy and neuroscience that has yet to be completed. (Ask me about the ontological argument for the existence of colour-blind zombies sometime. Actually, please don’t.)

Is any of this helping? I could also mention that I’m a former rock-climber (darned hernia!),  I get giddy every time I ride a train, I’m developing a deep fondness for wine, my favourite place is named “Satori”, I share my house with two cats, an awesome fiancee and an overwhelmingly large vegetable garden. I also have a goal of learning to making a peanut butter and jam sandwich fully from scratch; all that’s left is to plant and process my own peanuts.

I also believe strongly in helping my chosen profession(s) and sit on the Boards of several awesome organizations in the education, non profit and technology realms.

My interests and experiences are a little all-over-the-place, but the threads that tie this strange tapestry of experiences together are actually pretty straightforward, best as I can figure:

  1. I’m social. I’ll strike up a conversation with almost anyone, anywhere. In fact, in elementary school, a frequent note on my report card was “Doesn’t allow others to do their work.”
  2. I’m intensely curious and love learning new things.  If there was such a thing as a “knowledge firehose” I would try to drink from it, damn the consequences.
  3. I love telling stories.  Also, because of these first three items, I also love to share the things I’ve learned.
  4. I refuse to over-plan. I’ve noticed that all the most interesting things I get involved with aren’t things I plan for, they’re opportunities that come at me sideways.

So, that the best I can come up with for now. How about you?

What are you famous for?