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The Beginning of a Diary for Cogno’s Garden

The fruits... errr.... veggies of my labour!

…and so it begins.

One of the classic mistakes a new gardener makes is to take on too much–planting too much of too many kinds of vegetable, then getting overwhelmed when the bugs and blight and weeds invade in earnest and the bounty far exceeds the gardener’s ability to eat, store and enjoy. Frustration takes over, the garden gets neglected and the poor gardener gives up and looks for a few hobby.

(One of the other classic blunders? Getting involved in a land war in Asia…)

I’ve seen this advice in so many different places and yet I’m willfully ignoring it; not only do I have grand plans for my veggie garden (over 200 square feet!), but I’m also going to try and keep a regular blog of my experience in the hopes of inspiring others to follow my lead and grow some of their own food. I’m not sure which is more intimidating… the project, or documenting it coram publico, mistakes and all.

Why am I undertaking this (potentially) foolish project? It’s a long story that I hope to write about over the next few weeks but it certainly has something to do with the small, but unexpectedly successful, container garden I had on my tiny apartment patio last summer (see pictures) and the fact that my partner and I lucked into a rental with a full back yard.

In the meantime, I’m going to grab my seed catalogs (referred to in my house as “seed porn”) and start planning out this massive project. Wish me luck!

(Are you planning to do some of your own gardening this year, either in containers or in an honest-to-goodness garden plot? If so, I’d love to hear from you… what are your plans for 2011?)