The Downtown Archipelago

20110621_10-56-07.jpgI’ve had a couple of emails asking about seasickness; fortunately for me, most of the journey looks pretty calm. The only time I’ve felt a little queasy so far, I’ve been sitting at the table typing on the computer. I’m going to take that as a sign that I should be playing on the computer less and enjoying the scenery more. (With a camera at the ready, of course…)

The scenery itself is pretty incredible; we’re traveling up a fairly narrow channel between Vancouver Island and a collection of islands I’ve renamed (Canadian Geological Survey, take note!) the Downtown Vancouver Archipelego. We just passed Helmcken Island, North and South Thurlow Islands and there’s even a Robson Bight coming up. Seriously, how lazy were they… couldn’t they name them after famous people, like Lady Gaga, or something? (Kidding, kidding!)

20110621_12-42-59.jpg Speaking of Robson Bight, it’s apparently home to one of the local resident orca pods and has been protected to prevent logging and other development; I’ll be sure to snap some pictures as we go past, especially if the wildlife cooperates. There’s also a research camp across the channel where university students come to monitor and research the orca’s behaviour. Apparently, it’s also very close to where Shaun and Otto caught their last fish of the 2010 fishing season.

20110621_13-44-41.jpg Next up, Port Hardy for the evening… before we get there, though, we’ll also be passing the communities of Telegraph Cove, Alert Bay and may get a glimpse Broughton Archipelago (where many of the infamous fish farms are). Sadly, we won’t be going anywhere near those fish farms, so I can’t show you how much prettier it is where your fish are coming from, compared to those fish pens.

I’ll be posting again tonight, including (hopefully) some of the 300+ photos I’ve taken so far…

During the trip, you can either check this blog for the latest entries, or you can go to this interactive map of all the blog posts related to this trip. You can also find photos from the trip on Flickr.