Good morning from Port Hardy

20110621_21-09-11.jpgAnother restful sleep on the boat; even thought I’m not doing much physically, the trip itself seems kind-of exhausting. Otto assures me this is because of the constant drone of the engine as well as the movement of the boat. To keep yourself level with the horizon as the boat rocks back and forth uses your core muscles more than one would expect. Even though I’m just sitting, watching and eating, I might actually lose weight on this trip.

20110620_13-24-31.jpg Speaking of eating, food is pretty basic on the Eldorado. There’s a very small fridge (smaller even than a bar fridge) and a propane stove/oven with only two elements. Since I’d like to be more than just a tourist on the boat, I’ve taken on most of the cooking duties. In the short term, anyway, it’s kind of fun to improvise with the very limited supplies available. Maybe that’s the next cooking show the Food Network needs to broadcast… “Working Food: How to make a delicious, nutritious meal with few supplies in a tiny kitchen as everything slides everywhere.” I think it’d be a hit.

20110622_07-50-09.jpgOnce Otto gets back from walking Boris, we’ll head over to the fuel dock and turn on the weather forecast; if today is going to be like yesterday afternoon, we’ll probably wait it out in Port Hardy and try again tomorrow. I posted something on Facebook about the possibility of “running amok” in Port Hardy if we had the day off but was quickly reminded that on northern Vancouver Island one should obey local custom and “walk amok”; to do otherwise would definitely make me seem like a tourist.

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