Coffee, please!

20110624_09-12-56.jpg Terry had his way; it’s now about 6:30AM and we’ve already been underway for ninety minutes heading out from Hartley Bay. A strong pot of coffee was brewed and we’re now starting passage up the last long channel on our way to Rupert; this one gets particularly narrow in a few places. It’s hard to imagine squeezing by a giant cruise ship or ferry in the narrowest parts of the channel.

I’m sad to see our big travel days come to an end; we’ve managed to travel almost exactly 100 nautical miles each day and that’s given me the opportunity to see more of the south and mid coast of BC than most people get the chance to.

20110624_09-15-28.jpgI’d write more but I still can’t think straight yet, let along make my fingers type; good thing Otto’s doing the navigating. Now where’s the darned coffee?

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